The Bucket List

1. Take a cross-country roadtrip through America.
2. Take cello lessons. Get beyond “Ode to Joy”.
3. Learn to salsa dance, or at least to fake it.
4. Taste Antarctic snow.
5. See a flamingo outside of a zoo. This may include a trip to … where do flamingoes roam, anyway?
6. Go skydiving/get over my fear of flying once and for all.
7. Learn to be content in a moment without thinking so much about what comes next.
8. Climb the Sydney Harbor bridge.
9. Ride a Vespa down the streets of Italia.
10. Go to a place enough times that I can order “my usual” without explaining it.
11. Vote for somebody who actually becomes President.
12. Learn how to make my dad’s delicious scrambled eggs.
13. Fall in love.
14. Go skinny dipping. With someone else.
15. Walk down a red carpet dressed to the nines.
16. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich.
17. Get a piece of my writing published somewhere other than on the internet.
18. Live in New York.
19. Ride on the back of an elephant. (Horse & Camel don’t count)
20. See my name in lights.
21. Step foot onto every continent.
22. Hold a Koala bear in my arms.
23. Meet Angelina Jolie in person.
24. Sing “O Holy Night” in public and not crack.
25. Own a piece of technology that doesn’t fail for one entire year.
26. Go backstage at the Metropolitan Opera.
27. Stay somewhere outrageous in Vegas for a night.
28. Go bungee-jumping.
29. See an opera at La Scala. Or better yet, be in one.
30. Go sailing. Preferably wearing a striped boatneck top.
31. Be able to do the splits.
32. Stay up all night somewhere that the sun doesn’t set. (Reykjavik, anyone?)
33. Play Lady MacBeth. Or at least have a dream where this actually happens.
34. See all of the Disneyworlds across the world.
35. Attend a ball, complete with a ballgown and prince charming too.
36. Grow my hair to a healthy, mid-back length.
37. Tan instead of sunburning.
38. Have a pen pal.
39. Read through each book of the Bible.
40. Work for Disney.
41. Work for Disney, again.
42. Own a jet ski. (This also means living near a lake).
43. Own a bunny rabbit.
44. Finish college.
45. Raise a family.
46. Have a lucid dream.
47. Be able to regularly donate to charities.
48. Be kissed in the rain.
49. See the four seasons occur wherever I am living.
50. Successfully parallel park.
51. Have a library of my own.
52. Go scuba diving and see something mildly dangerous.
53. Drink hot apple cider in front of a fire while it’s snowing outside, preferably underneath a warm blanket with somebody to keep me warm :)
54. Stop cracking my knuckles.
55. Join the peace core. Or, something like it.
56. Sing in a piano bar.
57. Be in a music video.
58. Voice an animated character. Like, a christmas tree ornament for Pixar.
59. Wear body painted clothes in public.
60. Let my man dip me at the altar without freaking out.
61. Take one of those “look-at-me-holding-up-the-Leaning-Tower-of-Pisa” pictures.
62. Successfully skip a rock on a large body of water for at least 3 bounces.
63. Visit an ancient Egyptian Pyramid tomb and pretend I’m the female Indiana Jones. (no snakes, please)
64. Finish some sort of marathon/physical endurance challenge.
65. Read every Shakespeare play.
66. Have my own dog. Name TBA. (open for suggestions)
67. Camp on the beach, see the stars, watch the sun rise.
68. Spontaneously walk into the airport and randomly buy a same-day ticket to wherever looks appealing.
69. Rent a villa on Lake Como or Lake Lugano (again) with friends.
70. Be fluent in French.
71. Be fluent in Italian.
72. Be fluent in German.
73. Be fluent in Swedish.
74. Be fluent in English. (well, sometimes.)
75. Something unexpected. :)


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