Disheartening Diva Depression

There’s a lot of jokes made about people in opera all being “divas” & overly dramatic. And actually, there are quite a few people who are super awesome and genuine and just brilliant people.

The divas exist though. Oh, do they exist. As if being a vulnerable, young performer in New York isn’t enough to deal with — you need a forcefield to protect yourself from all the back-stabbing, hurtful words, and malicious intentions.

I truly believe that most people ultimately want what’s good, so I honestly can’t understand why we all can’t seem to swallow our own pride and treat each other the way we’d like to be treated. Its a little depressing, and a lot to deal with.

Right now is one of those moments when I feel disheartened from the divas. I don’t like being in this atmosphere of dog-eat-dog, and thankfully, there are escapes and people here who feel the same way. But right now, I question my choice to be a part of this world. As much as I love music and the arts, no one was meant to handle this kind of peer stress healthfully.

I wonder if it’s worth it; I wonder if there are other things I should be pursuing that dont include being torn down almost daily, other areas of the arts I can find success and happiness in that have a lower ratio if divas. Like in video games, you can only take so many hits before you lose a life. Only in reality, I don’t have a revive button.

(also missing: a pause button, a manual joystick override, or catchy theme songs corresponding to daily interactions).


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