the return of shaniqua

Muggy (m[u^]g”g[y^]): uncomfortably hot and sultry; humid and moist as with undried perspiration on clothing sticking to the body.

Humid (h[=u]”m[i^]d): dampish as a humidair or atmosphere; sweltering.

both of these words have a new, more personally attested meaning as of today.

first of all, i got lost. for those of you who know me well, this is old hat. in nyc however, i do fairly well (and have gotten better with the more time spent living here too), but today must’ve been an exception. a giant, obscenely large exception.

i think i was in jersey. do the nyc subway systems even go that far? i was really, really far away. at the very end of the new york subway systems actually. i saw parts of the east coast i would’ve probably never seen in my entire life. also, more KFC’s then I’d ever seen before in my life too. Normally, getting lost is an adventure for me; i make the best of it, discover new things, and eventually get to where i was going originally. however …. 1: i recently download the iphon3 4.0 software to my phone, which was supposed to make it faster. it has done, in fact, the complete opposite. splendid. 2: it was 103 degrees outside. 3: i was wearing a dress. Three things that made for an excellent afternoon trying to find my way back to Manhattan, get to where i was going safely, and continue avoiding acknowledging the creepy men hitting on me. (which, and i say this in the most unracist way possible, were all black men. i thought shaniqua had worked her way down to size …. but apparently, she’s still alive & kicking.)

all the same, i maintained a fairly pleasant outlook (with the exception of when i overheated, turned red, and texted my brother furiously to vent), and actually really enjoyed seeing a different side of new york/jersey/the magical land of KFC’s.

I also bought a bunny cage from a woman on Craig’s List today. New experience, check. She was totally cool too, not sketchy in the slightest – and best of all, I got a screaming deal with basically all her rabbit supplies thrown in. If you’re curious, by “bunny supplies”, I mean carriers, water sippy thingys, toys, food, bedding, a wooden cage extension, and a LEASH. [pause for effect]. I know, I can’t stop laughing either. Pictures soon to follow. But back to my story of the good of humankind … she even brought me ice water (pretty sure my red and sweaty face gave my dehydration away there), and helped me carry it down to the taxi! there are still good people in the world. *happy sigh*.

i’m off to vacuum, dust, and dance around singing into my hairbrush like lady gaga. i’m leaving my windows open in hopes of brightening someone in a neighboring building’s day. “hey honey, look at the crazy chick attempting to do that Bad Romance dance with a vacuum cleaner and windex!…”

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