the nyc zombie apocalypse: starring the couple 3 blocks down, michael phelps, and the neighborhood gyro vendor.

i know i can’t stay here forever. but i sure enjoy my time here right now.

and where do all these people go? i can wrap my head around maybe 10 or 20 cars on the road, but a traffic jam? on 2nd? It’s not even a main street….. is there some zombie apocalypse that I was uninformed of? watching literally hundreds of cars and cabs piled up on my street causes pause to wonder at what each of their stories must be (with the exception, of course, of a collateral zombie apocalypse as aforementioned). Just trying to be creative and come up with summaries for each car, apartment, or straggler stumbling across the street makes me feel like i’m taking crazy pills. my mind physically cannot begin to fathom the complexities, very probable interwovenesses, and all the untold stories that are so much more grand that a 21 year old’s rambling blog entry. There’s just so much out there. It’s staggering. If you’re ever at my place, come and sit in my window for at least 10 minutes – just try to tell me that you’re not jawslacked & amazed by the end.
[on a related note, no wonder there’s so much depression in the city; take one look outside and suddenly being the center-of-the-universe just isn’t even a fathomable option. Loneliness is just as prevalent here as big flashy signs are in Times Square. And to think, probably 8/10 of all the people just outside my apartment window alone are living their lives as the center-of-their-universe too. That, is truly depressing. this city needs help. this world needs help. desperately.]
watching everyone live their lives from up here is just so interesting. like knowing what tv show the couple in the building three blocks down is watching right now. it’s Modern Family, the episode where Mitchell and Cameron accidentally overhear their neighbors having an affair on their baby monitor. aaaaaand now i look like a total creeper now (also, tv-aholic). great.
you know, i never get anything done up here. i just sit and watch things that most people don’t happen to see, laugh to myself, maybe text someone or blog about it. and suddenly, it’s 2 in the morning and (tada!) you successfully wasted the evening away. if peoplewatching was an olympic sport, i would see michael phelp’s eight gold medals and raise him eight more. after reflecting, i think the fascination in peoplewatching for me is the simple fact that perspective is everything. it fascinates me how much a perspective will influence how you see things. (and yes, that statement has multiple applications in life. nice catch.) what you see almost, in a way, changes depending if you were on the street, an observer, inside a cab, working at starbucks, or the yoga store across the street- you would see through your experience inside through to the outside. as a highly intrigued peoplewatcher extraordinaire perched atop a window sill from 33 stories above nyc, my perspective changes. the gyro vendor on the street looks far less intimidating from here than it does in passing (or smelling). people in general seem far less intimidating, unique, or interesting from up here actually. much more bland, similiar, typical. “well, that person is clearly speed walking to catch up with the attractive blonde he passed moments ago”, whereas if you were the person being shoved to the side on the street as he scrambled to meet back up with her again, your perspective would be entirely different. i’m just rambling now. but you get what i mean, right? crazy.
I seriously can’t stop looking out my window. new york at night is just, *sigh*. breathtaking. seeing the way the lights hit each building seems almost unreal, almost slightly magical. it’s like something out of my 7th grade social studies book from mrs. west’s class, something that we only did popcorn-reading about and i would sit and dream about seeing someday. i feel like pinching myself on moments like this, when being in new york hits me. i’d love to feel this zealous recognition of the beauty in life every day if i could. i’d also really like to meet the couple in the building three blocks down, they have excellent television show taste.

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