chips and salsa

An open book may have limitless pages with nothing written upon them yet, but it still has a spine to hold everything together.

My life restarted this past February. I am continually a work in progress, an open book: learning more about myself, life, and the meaning behind them both every day. I am not perfect, I am biased, I am a control freak, I am human – but I can also learn to let things go. I can learn to live rightly. I have the option to choose to restart, rejuvenate, and realign myself with who I want to be and who I’m called to be.

Moving to nyc was the best thing that could’ve happened for me. The last two years have been a prelude to the brilliantly orchestrated masterpiece that’s starting here – my life, on track, in line, headed straight. It will not be easy, and it has not been easy … but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Questions are answered in God’s timing, and I cannot possibly begin to understand His ways. And while I do not know a lot of things in life, I am blessed to know a few things for certain:

I am a unique person with a unique passion with a definite purpose.
Love is in everything. I love. I am loved.
When I wake up in the morning, I choose joy.
Perspective is everything.
God has specifically called me to be in the arts, specifically with music.
I feel at home on the stage. It is like no other feeling in this world.
I feel deeply, and I want to utilize this in my life instead of let it become a bad thing.
I am blessed with a handful of people in my life that I will love forever.
I cannot control life. I will not allow life to control me.
I will always be able to eat chips and salsa at any given moment in the day :)

Praise God for everything He’s given me in this life – even the difficult and stressful things, because I can personally attest that they have made/are making me a better person, like polishing a diamond in the rough. (from the way, WAY rough) haha ;)

And as I sit here in my new york apartment, listening to the clarinetist across the hall practice their scales for the millionth time tonight, I also know that I am truly where I belong.

And boy, am I excited to see what tomorrow brings :)


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