april is ending tonight

I’m currently lying in bed. My head’s resting on my pillow, and I’m turned onto my side towards the wall. However, my bed is covered solely by a mattress cover, my pillow just with an hypo-allergenic undercover, and instead of sheets, blankets, or a comforter, i’m covering my body with my trenchcoat and peacoat, curled up in the fetal position against the wall to keep warm. :). long story short: my laundry got stolen. but i make do :)

i think the glitz of new york is starting to settle down. a good majority of my friends are almost done with school for the semester, which means my attendance next fall is even that much closer!! SO excited just thinking about it :) i feel at home here, and am stoked to be here every day. some days are up and some are down, but i’m thankful regardless. excited to see where this all goes in the end.

it’s easy to let your mind wander and dwell on negativity, but really … i don’t see the point in stressing over the minutes of life. i don’t see the point in being in a constant state of denial and questioning… where is the joy and “living in the moment” of life in that? regardless of what ends up being the truth in life, i cannot believe that life was meant to be a negative, clouded experience.

truly, we all should live until we die.


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