Nothing good ever happens after midnight.

Like staying up until 3 AM staring at a computer screen, hunched over in an uncomfortably wooden chair, and pondering what Miss Arizona would answer with if asked about border patrol. Side note: I find the interview portion of any pageant extremely stimulating and coincidentally the source of great humor. It also usually boosts my self-esteem.

I spoke Elvish with my youth group pastor today.
I think I’ve found the right church.

Tomorrow is my first day on the job without someone training me or watching over my shoulder (or in my case, off to the side, as my shoulders are often actually taller than their eyeballs). I’m excited, and even more excited to make money. Greedy, yes, but this is new york: and believe it or not, even Hot Pockets don’t come cheap. And you know that you’re really pinching pennies when you turn down a 6-pack of ham & cheese hot pockets because it’s too pricey.

Pro for veganism in nyc: it’s cheaper. unless you find a vegan bakery/restaurant/ect. because then, oddly enough, you are charged three times as much as a steak burrito at the mexican place next door (which is still an arm and a leg to consume). I’m not bitter at all; I love this city! Merely justifying my appetite for money. Also attempting to boost my self-esteem here too.

I’m meeting with voice teachers at Mannes in the next week or so. It’s going to be a month of decisions. I completely trust in God – which is a load off my back, because there is no possible way that I could handle my life right now on my own. Seriously, I’m already such a mess of a person … knowing that Somebody up there looks past my trash cans, dirty laundry, and messy dishes to see the real me, struggling to survive and achieve her dreams of becoming the woman she’s meant to become. What a joy. :)

Speaking of joy, Easter = today. And I loved every minute of it (with exception to scurrying around central park to find an open restroom, and then proceeding to wait ever-so-slowly in the unending line of full-bladdered women). On a related note: I have an incredible boyfriend. He is also a great joy in my life, every single day. And that’s not an exaggeration either: this guy is one of a kind. I just wake up each morning thankful that I know I’ve got somebody like him in my life.

I hope you all have somebody just as awesome in your lives too – friendship, accountability, companionship, community … all beautiful things. I am so blessed. Praise God :).


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