Amidst the hipsters, coke addicts, and metrosexuals

Waiting in line at the fifth avenue H&M was bearable. That is, until the roof speakers blasted Jonas Brothers, and every girl, gay, and grandmother in the store starting ainginging along, as if this store was actually a karaoke bar (with addictively low prices on the latest trendy thing the H&M stylists saw Mary-Kate and Ashley wear).

I’m perfectly okay waiting in line. I’m even okay with slow cashiers too busy trying to look like the starving model photographed behid them on the wall than trying to provide quick and convienient customer service. But the Jonas brothers? And everyone knowing the lyrics by heart except for me? I would feel like I’m missing out on some worldwide phenomenon, but then I start to listen to the music
and realize my initial justification in disgust.

Props to your wardrobe stylist Jo Bros, but instead of trying to keep the Disney pop streak alive with one more sugary sweet song after another, why don’t you join the real world and see what it’s like being a grown up? Warning: This transition will include waiting in long lines at department stores, grimacing at the audio soundtrack of some artist you think is worse than you. It’s just a part of everyday life. :)


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