keeping the change

i decided to change my blog title, ect., because i am not a 100% vegan.
as most of you know by now, i have a minor obsession with meatball subs, pretzel hotdogs, and food in general. and while i do eat vegan the majority of the week, I will eat meat on occasion.

My health does not dictate that I should stay away from meat — but it does ask of me to relinquish dairy, eggs, and caesin. I try to do this as much as possible, but as you can imagine, it’s very difficult. So I eat in moderation, eat as much lactose-free products as possible, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

All this just to say: I can no longer be a “vegan, voice, and a vagina” in good standing, just 2/3. so I’m just making a few changes. I haven’t decided as of right now what those changes will be, but I’m posting this all the same since I’ve gotten like a billion comments about my apparent vegan hypocrisy. :) love you all too :)

So now you know!


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