mailboxes, british humor, and tomatillo sauce

first things first: i was accepted to mannes :). words cannot describe how incandescently happy this makes me…. dream come true. Also, monetary dream come true. Let’s just say that I am pretty floored at my scholarship, and eternally grateful. Opening my mailbox to see that thick packet looking right up at me was like having a star explode inside of my chest. Cosmically brilliant.

The time will come when I’ll have to step down from cloud nine and look reality in it’s eyes and face the cold, hard facts about making my Mannes dream possible.

But that day is not today. :)

instead, I’m sitting in my windowsill listening to rain dousing the city, She & Him softly humming a few familiar melodies from my Itunes, and my mind wildly cartwheeling around in fits of joy.

There is also chocolate involved.


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