21 ways i plan on enjoying my 21st

1. sleeping in, with the window cracked, and just the city to wake me up.
2. belting micheal jackson’s thriller in a steaming hot shower.
3. calling my few closest friends to tell them how much i love them, catch up, & all that.
4. walking through central park with my 21 million closest friends, dogs, and photographically-challenged tourists.
5. making a time capsule to open up in another 21 years… 42 year old me: watch out.
6. eating a delicious asian apple my roommate got me from chinatown.
7. de-notifing the sudden flood of incoming facebook birthday salutations
8. finishing my latest douglas adams book from the library.
9. picking up my new douglas adams book from the library.
10. kissing my boyfriend since i won’t be sick & contagious anymore :)
11. splurging on this dior perfume I’ve been eying since christmas.
12. tasting the delicious tomato soup & hummus at Nanoosh
13. talking with my parents, grandparents, and awesome little brother
14. laughing hysterically at avenue q in the not-so-distant future
15. practicing micheal jackson’s thriller moves in the mirror when i’m alone
16. attempting to install wireless internet in my apartment successfully
17. formulating a clever wireless internet domain name (i’m open for suggestions)
18. waiting until 21 of my virtual fish on my Iphone app are hungry, and then feed them
19. going ice skating with some friends at night over at central park!
20. ordering a long island iced tea at some point & some place.
21. dealing with the fact that i will still have to flash my dorky, teenage-pictured driver’s license for a good couple of months still :)


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