Back in the saddle again

There is this six year old child in my life I babysit for, and it has been turning into one of the most fun and oddly connecting experiences of my life! This kid loves me, and I feel like he’s babysitting me sometimes- I learn a lot from him and our epic Lego battles. Not only can I apparently make pretty cool blowing up sound effects, but I make a killer Lego Batman too. I even made my own Batmobile. Tonight, I layed down beside him to read the latest adventure story he’d picked up for me to read specifically (“in your actress voices”), when suddenly I was face-first into a Darth Vader encased pillow, flung mischieviously at my unsuspecting face.

I naturally returned in kind, and before I knew it: we’d created two fortresses in adjacent rooms, collecting and storing all the pillows in the house to run across No Mans Land between (also known as the kitchen) and barraging each other with our down-stuffed artillery. I even donned his captain hook eye patch and picked up a cockney accent (to sound more evil I think?). Basically, not only did we stay up WAY past bedtime, but we also basically had the times of our lives. Oh, to be six again.

He keeps me in check, really. Doesn’t let me take myself too seriously, or anything else in life that seriously either. I love that. I love seeing the world through a child’s eyes. I never want to lose touch with that either – I never want to grow up. Besides, my little pillow fighting Lego companion here wouldn’t let me grow up anyway :)


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