Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me

Today is going to be my most epic adventure in NYC to date. I woke up early, donned my beanie and comfy Uggs, and am currently starting my adventure with an americano at starbucks, overlooking the morning rush of new yorkers blowing by below.

As I am currently unemployed for the day, I decided late last night that something must be done with an entire Friday in the city to myself. I could reread my favorite classics with a cup of tea? Nah. Catch up on my Hulu queue of mind-numming TV shows online for hours on end? Nope. Take a Nyquil and sleep the day away? Never!

I am going on an adventure. I even have a treasure map, a talking parrot, a playlist of appropriately adventerous Ipod tunes, and I’ve been practicing my Piratey “arrrrrrrg”‘s in the mirror (that last part may come more in handy than I will realize. Who knows how many scowling pirates I might come across in new york today? Shiver me timbers!!).

What is this grand scheme, you ask? And where on earth did I find a talking parrot?

Well, some things are meant to be kept secret. Especially pirates, they love their secrets. But I’ll let you in mine: I have 20 New York landmarks that I’ve always wanted to see, but never have. They are by no means close in proximity, but aha! I have me an unlimitedmetro card! It’s like my pirate ship.. Just sailing through the sewer system beneath the streets instead of the seas.

As I sip the last few drops of my liquid energizant, I prepare myself to go out into uncharted lands, meet strange and new people, and definitely take a few photographs along the way.

So ahoy, matey! All that glitters ain’t gold, but in this case, my eyes are shining bright with a golden excitement for what’s to come! Avast ye subway station, there be a new pirate in these lands!


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