sorry marilyn monroe, but snowshoes are a girls best friend

I just ate a 5 dollar footlong meatball sub.
I’m starting to think I have a problem.
and what will happen when I return to my vegan ways?

Meatball sub withdrawals?

But it is snowing dandruff poofs outside, and I am enjoying it. From insde, naturally. My toes are still dethawing from the ten block trek to my meatball sandwich mecca and back again. The cashier did give me an extra cookie though, on the house. I guess my dire need for chocolate mustve been obviously apparent.

mannes countdown: t-minus 2 weeks from Friday.
Bring it on.

As I lay here sprawled underneath my covers listening to my virtuosic roommate translate Tchiakovsky’s mad thoughts into some of the most elegant piano melodies I’ve heard in awhile, I feel fairly content. I have no job, everything has fallen through. I have no family out here. I have no right hand glove to complete my set; if you see it anywhere, please ask it nicely to return home. My hands miss it very, very much. But in spite of possibly daunting situations, I am at peace. Not in naiivete, but in the grace of God really. I am meant to be here. 100% positive. There is a great calmness in the chaos knowing that fact, and wholeheartedly believing it. I am, therefore, doing beautifully :)

Time to learn French. I am doing as much “school” as I possibly can without actually recieving the educational institution ID card (or selling my soul to pay the tuition). French keeps me on my toes. That is, presuming I will still have some left after the ice melts off of them sometime before the next century.


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