fairly convinced that my brain already left

There’s nothing like a good meatball sandwich.
That red sauce, and that meat.
Shaped into balls. slopped onto bread. shoved down your mouth.

There’s also nothing like a really terrible cup of tea.
I mean just, awful.
And then it has the nerve to burn it’s way right down your throat too.

All things considered, I suppose a terrible cup of tea paired with a divinely-inspired meatball sub would cancel each other out, right? However, in all probability, I am most likely one of the very few who would decide to consume both of these seemingly unrelated items in one sitting, so the end result of my taste buds probably doesn’t entirely matter. Nor does it probably intrigue you so much either. It, however, fascinates me.

I can hear 12 News in the background of my family’s living room. I’m fairly positive that Lin Sue Cooney secretly came upon the Fountain of Youth back in the late 90’s, because that woman does not age. And believe me, I’ve been watching. Even in HD, she manages to still look flawless. And just how many jacket-dresses can a woman own? I’ve seen her wear the same thing twice, and even then she had mixed and matched with animal print scarves and different dangly earrings. What’s your secret, Lin Sue Cooney? … I’m onto you.

As she leaned back in her wooden chair, the familiar creaks and groans from the chair legs underneath her caused an emotional reaction inside of her. Her childhood, the last twenty years of life – all in a usually unnoticed sound. Pausing to recognize the oddity in the way her brain connects A to B, she realized that tomorrow was grown-up time. Today here, tomorrow there. And how did Peter Pan escape maturation anyhow? This bothered her. But not as much as the chair leg creaking, for that seemed just to escalate her inner emotions, brewing up a storm somewhere beside to the heart and pressing down on the diaphragm. Suddenly, her fascination with meatball subs and badly-brewed tea took a backseat to the foreshadowing of the emotional hurricane yet to come. Is it naivete? Is it ignorance? Is it unpreparedness? Is unpreparedness even a word? All food for thought. Her mind didn’t feel intelligent today, and this was too much to handle out of nowhere.

I just want another meatball sub.


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