#19: Live in New York

AT LAST! I can cross of my nineteenth to-do happily off my bucket list, for I just bought the plane ticket and sent in the rent check today. I will be living in the Concrete Jungle, the Big Apple, the City of Lights, the world’s metropolis: all right outside of my bedroom window (which looks over a park, might I add. Once I move in, expect pictures to soon follow). It’s all coming together, like pieces of a puzzle that I could never force to fit, but once I turned them around a few times and changed perspective, I watched the puzzle no longer stay a puzzle, but in fact, a beautiful picture I could have never seen before. It’s beautiful. It really is.

So if you are ever on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, swing by my place! I’m an honest 5 minute walk away from Juilliard, and practically live right behind The Met (no joke), so we won’t run out of things to do :) I even found a delicious market nearby that I will be able to purchase my fresh food at to cook, since I will be making the majority of my meals at home.

Speaking of cooking, I was floundering through pages and pages of cookbooks, scrounging around for delicious looking vegan/vegetarian meals, and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of entries I discovered. That combined with the mass amount of vegan/vegetarian culinary options surrounding me in my Lincoln Center neighborhood, I think I’m going to do just fine :) I saw my naturopath today, and she restocked me with the necessary supplements I must take on my vegan adventure, and I feel ready and rearing to go!

That being said, I must go clean my room: the first big step in my progression to the packing of the suitcases. Wish me luck. This is no easy task. Especially if you could see the floor of my closet right now…

So, on that note, I leave you to enjoy the rest of this fantastically rainy day in our Arizona desert. Perhaps I should don my favorite thick sweater and go brew a cup of my favorite green tea to complete this wonderfully overcast montage? Yes, indeed.


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