getting up and out of my chair

there is so much to be enjoyed in this world, it’s just too easy to let it all slip past while you’re moping in some kind of pool of misery. today was an awakening. i think it actually happened somewhere around the fourth A major scale run while i was non piu mesta-ing it up: i am not limited to one place, one time, and one action. just because i have set my focus on what’s to come does not mean i should not be enjoying the day today.

i have been immersing myself in a lot buddhist literature today as well, so that may count as a major factor in my worldview shift, but i’d like to think that i’m just maturing each day, slowly but surely.

everything is a choice, and the good things in life usually require lots of hard work. that’s okay by me! consider this a kick in the seat of my pants to haul ass and keep on trucking … :)

my soul feels content.
it’s been a long time coming.

on a related note, guess who comes home tomorrow? :)))))))))


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