making sense of nothing

it’s amazing to me how much pressure there is to constantly be changing, reinventing, adapting to each person or surrounding, as if we were pretending to be chameleons. I wasn’t born a chameleon, I’m not evolving into a chameleon, so why am I consistently pressured to pretend that I in fact am a chameleon?

In a world that so constantly shoots out pre-teen motivational propaganda, slathering us with messages of “should-be” self worth and goal-achieving, I can’t quite jump over the seemingly growing-by-the-minute elephant in the room. If we’re supposed to give 110% of our best to what we love growing up, why does it all of a sudden shift focus to blending in to whatever is thrown at us, whatever is easiest, whatever will get us to “the top”? If I love to underwater basketweave and develop a strong passion for that as a young girl, why is it so prevalent for other not to take me serious when I use the word “love”? How do you know I do or do not love it — how do you know that you actually know what love is? If I want to pursue window washing as a career because it makes me happy, then why do others tell me to “get a real job” or “focus on life’s goals”? Who’s to say that your goals are better than mine, or vice versa? Who’s to say that ANYONE knows ANYTHING about what we’re really supposed to be doing in the first place?

I have this sense of urgency, like I have a purpose. I have a few friends who would disagree, saying that life has zero purpose & we’re basically an accident. Call me naiive, but I’d rather live my life striving to find meaning than just giving up because I can’t find it sitting right under my nose. The journey is what it’s all about. The journey is what everyone needs to experience, no matter if it takes you to the moon or no farther than your city limits — everyone is different, and everyone has a different journey, and everyone could use a little respect and kudos for trying to struggle against the odds and try to find what’s so important about their journey(s). Don’t knock down somebody else’s door just because you weren’t intended to open it.

Enjoy the day-to-day experiences, enjoy watching others take one step forward closer to the end of their journey, enjoy what’s meant for us all the enjoy — each other. Why has it become so difficult to do that?


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